Three Days Per Week – Cardiovascular Exercise For Weight Loss

cardiovascular exercise

When talking about exercise and its benefits you may have come across the term cardiovascular exercise. What exactly is cardiovascular exercise? Well cardiovascular exercise is the total movement of the heart and lungs as part of the physical activity of exercise. Most activity that you do in your daily life requires some level of cardiovascular activity to be successful. Cardiovascular exercises can be slow or fast.

Some forms of cardiovascular exercise are called aerobics or cardio-vascular activities. Aerobic activity is the total collection of body movements that require an adequate amount of heart and lung activity for maximum efficiency. Aerobic activity is usually done through slow, steady and repetitive movements of the upper body or limbs that use the major muscle groups. Examples of these types of movements are walking, jogging, running, swimming, bicycling, riding a bike, dancing, playing tennis or any other aerobic activity. Other forms of cardiovascular exercise can also include jumping or skipping rope, mountain biking, rowing, step aerobic exercises or any type of rapid activity.

An Overview

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Some forms of cardiovascular exercise can be performed without any exertion on your part. These activities are known as leisure cardiovascular exercises. These activities help you to burn fat and are generally not very rigorous or active. Examples of these types of activities are riding a bicycle when going down a hill, taking a brisk walk around your neighborhood, or doing nothing more than sitting and watching TV.

Another example of a type of cardiovascular exercise is swimming. Although swimming is not considered a very strenuous cardiovascular exercise, it does require some degree of heart rate control. Swimming helps to improve your overall conditioning by using your large muscles. The large muscles of the legs and lungs contribute to your overall heart rate. It also helps build muscles for your arms and lungs while at the same time helping you to lose weight.

Examples of no-impact cardio include walking, bicycling, dancing, playing golf, tennis and playing sports such as baseball, basketball and tennis. These types of exercises do not require much effort on your part but may still be very beneficial in improving your overall fitness. Examples of high-impact cardio include running, cycling, playing tennis or football. These activities require a lot of energy to move quickly and powerfully. Examples of low-impact cardio include swimming, dancing and playing games such as beach volleyball or touch football.

Cardiovascular Exercise for Weight Loss

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Cardiovascular exercise increases the efficiency with which your body’s immune system operates. Exercise has been shown to greatly reduce the number of colds and flu that you would otherwise get. Exercise also improves your ability to fight off stress. It improves your mood by allowing you to feel good about yourself. If you are looking for ways to improve your mood, then cardiovascular exercise is highly recommended.

Another reason that cardiovascular exercise is so beneficial to your health is that it burns calories at a very high rate. When you exercise you will expend more calories than you would when you were just sitting around doing nothing. This means that if you want to lose a certain amount of weight you need to make your workout more intense. As your body burns more calories you will lose weight. An intense workout will allow you to burn more calories in less time which will allow you to lose weight faster.

When you are doing aerobic exercise you will burn more calories from each individual workout. You will also need to provide yourself with more energy so that you can keep up an intense workout over time. As you continue to workout regularly and to eat right you will be able to slowly make your workout more intense. In fact, you should always aim to do one leg of your exercise at a higher intensity than the other legs. Doing this will help you to burn more calories over time.

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