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exercise to keep healthy

In contemporary times, the need for exercising is increasing not only for adults but also for children as screen time is increasing. To prevent children from developing any lethargic attitude and becoming lazy it is important to introduce them to a healthy lifestyle from the early stages. It will be helpful for them in the later years too. Many Kids Exercises are fun and interesting. It will also help in better physical, motor, and cognitive development. 

Physical Exercises

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Running is one of the easiest and fun Kids Exercises. Running after one another and chasing them is not only fun but also healthy as it helps to build strong bones and strengthen their muscles. Apart from running, kids can be asked to do squats as it helps to build strength, self-confidence, and endurance in children. Another easy way to make them exercise is to make them jump. Jumping ensures muscle strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness. To make it more interesting make them do a hurdle hop which means to jump over a hurdle either front to back or side to side, or make them try one-foot hops or tuck jumps. Crab walk is another fun exercise that helps to build arm strength and core. First, teach your children the correct position that is to use hands and feet to move and the torso and tummy will be up. You can make it interesting by placing small items on their stomach and ask them to balance them. Yoga can also be introduced to children by making them do simple and fun yoga poses like child’s pose, tree pose, or chair pose. It keeps the muscle strong and healthy and prevents any injuries. 

Exercise Through Games

Kids Exercises are fun but they can be made more fun when merged with games. Children can be made to play corners. Make them stand on each corner and make them run from one corner to another. But add a condition that they can change the corner only after doing an exercise like five jumps or squats. One can also introduce a squat relay. This can be played by making children stand on the opposite side of the room and when you say start, they need to come in the center and do three squats and return to the place. The kid who does it fast will win. One way can be to organize a relay race to make them run and exercise their bodies

Indoor Exercise With Ball

Kids Exercises can also be done at home. If they are too young to play outdoor then they can play with a ball. One can ask the kids to toss the ball into the laundry basket or any big basket one has, or can ask children to hit the ball at a target. One can also make them kick, roll and throw the ball against the wall or make them catch balls with a basket. All these games can help in building balance and coordination. Another benefit is that it is aerobic exercise and makes the child active. Parents should make sure to find a safe spot for the children to play with balls. One should use a foam ball or yoga ball to play indoor.  


Thus, there are many Kids Exercises that can be introduced to children to keep them healthy. These exercises keep them bright and happy too. 

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