Increase Your Heart Rate During Exercises

healthy heart rate during exercis

In this article, I’m going to talk about keeping your heart rate up during your workout. When I first tried to get into better shape, I had a hard time keeping my heart rate up during my workouts. I found that the harder and longer I worked out, the harder it became to keep up with. I figured that if I could keep going, I would get bigger and stronger and be able to throw more weights, right? Wrong.

Aerobic Activity Is Key

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If you’re trying to get fit or maintain your current weight, aerobic activity is key. You’re trying to get in better shape, so you’re going to need to work out to build muscle mass, increase endurance, and burn more calories. But how can you keep your heart rate up during your workout? The best thing I can suggest to you is to keep up your excitement level during your workout. Your workout is going to make you pumped, whether it’s from working out harder or just from the adrenaline rush you get from working out harder. So, when you do your workout, don’t go too easy for at least 30 seconds. This allows your muscles to recover from your workout fully.

Two Different Cardio Exercises

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I recommend performing two different cardio exercises. This forces you to use a greater amount of your endurance. It would help if you did about a half-hour of cardio exercises for each session. The most effective exercises are running, biking, swimming, dancing, elliptical machine workouts and running on the stairs. I prefer biking and swimming during my cardio exercises because they are more fun. You get to see the scenery and feel the wind in your hair while doing your cardio workouts. Bike riders don’t require any heart rate monitor, so you won’t be able to know if you’re exercising at a high enough intensity. Biking and swimming are great for increasing your aerobic capacity without having to monitor your heart rate constantly.

Bike Regularly

If you bike regularly, take the time to roll over at an even speed instead of jerking the handlebars madly as you ride. Your upper body needs to have some time to get used to the motion before it starts to become strenuous. Try rolling your shoulders over instead of bending your elbows and hips. This helps you work out your shoulders, chest and triceps without putting much stress on your lower back.


Running is another great aerobic workout that you can do. It has been known to improve circulation throughout the body, help burn calories and strengthen the immune system. As you get more fit, you will notice your metabolism slowing down. This is a good thing, as it means you’re burning more calories per minute than usual during your workout.

Maintaining A Steady Speed

The key to increasing your healthy heart rate during your workouts is maintaining a steady speed and not rushing through your workout. When you reach a plateau or hit a goal, slow your pace for a bit before starting again. You will find that your heart rate is now much more in line with your target heart rate. Your workout routine will be more effective, and you will be able to stick to it longer, thanks to your new healthy heart rate.

Change Up Your Exercises

Another thing you can do to stay in a good aerobic range is to change up your exercises. There are plenty of different aerobic exercises you could do. You can take up dance classes or yoga to get more of an aerobic workout. Some people even enjoy swimming. There are so many different exercises you can try that it’s impossible not to find something you’ll be comfortable with.

Work Outdoors

An important thing to remember is that the best way to increase your heart rate is to work outdoors. That doesn’t mean you should spend hours working out in the gym. It’s far more effective to exercise outdoors for 30 minutes each day than inside for an hour or two. The natural ventilation in the outdoors allows your body to get the proper amount of oxygen it needs. This will help your heart rate stays higher and give you more stamina throughout your workout.

In Conclusion

Working out doesn’t have to be an exhausting task. When you keep your heart rate up during your workout, you will feel better, and your workouts will be more productive. When your body gets the proper rest between workouts, it will heal itself much faster and get back into peak shape much quicker. Try these tips and see how you can increase your heart rate quickly.

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