Unique Heart Healthy Exercise Plan

heart healthy exercise plan

Have a jam-packed schedule and practically no time for exercise? Do you often feel guilty of not being able to exercise because of a busy routine? Well, we have some cool solutions for you to spare time for exercise. This is a unique heart healthy exercise plan that will not make you take out special time for exercise, but exercise throughout the day, thereby making your heart healthy. 

Walk the Talk


Instead of mailing or texting your client or friend, make a phone call. Walk while you talk and take long strides. You can come to the corridor or your balcony while making a call. This will also help you give your body a break sitting all day long.

Climb the Stairs

A person walking

You must have heard it several times, climb up to your office, home or work area instead of using the elevator. Similarly, climb down. Stairs are an excellent way to exercise your legs and joints.

Clean your house

A very productive and effective way to exercise is to clean your own house. Schedule 20 to 30 minutes of cleaning every day in the morning. Scrub the bathrooms, clean the cupboards, mow the lawn, vacuum the floor, mop the floor, etc. House chores can be endless and if you plan well, your house cleaning can help you save money on costly house helps, lose some pounds and enjoy a clean house.

Early to bed and early to rise

No matter how busy you are, an early to bed and early to rise schedule is of prime importance. This will not only give you a better and productive day ahead but will also give your metabolism a boost and help you plan things more effectively. You might even have time to plan 30 minutes of exercise every day if you get up early.

Get off the subway, train or taxi a little before your home

Get off a stop earlier than the one close to your home or office and walk up the rest of the distance. There, you just made time for a walk every day!

Walk to the Supermarket, instead of Driving Down

If a supermarket is close to your house, think of walking it up to the store, instead of taking your car. This will not only help you to be more green, but will ensure you get your exercise in-between your daily chores. You will not feel the burden of taking out time for exercise and will be able to manage your weight easily.

Workout should be fun and not a task that you have to do every day. It can be in the form of anything that you love to do. Dancing, swimming, playing with kids on the field, running, jogging, running errands, stretching at home or such others. All you need to do is to keep a track of distance walked everyday on an app on your phone and you will be surprised to see how easily you can exercise while still working.

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