Triceps Exercises – A Great Way To Develop Huge Arms

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Triceps are the most overlooked muscle group when it comes to building big muscles. They are also one of the most neglected muscles, but that’s only because they are rarely trained. Most people want a big chest and arms and go out and try different steroids, triceps supplements, and other mass builders methods. If you really want to get big muscular arms then you must work out with the triceps, and there are specific exercises you can do. This article will highlight some of the most important triceps exercises you can do.

Best Triceps Exercises

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Doing triceps curls: The triceps are a muscle group composed of three heads, namely the medial, and the long heads. The most commonly exercised triceps muscle is the long head, and this is responsible for the development of the triceps, which give the short upper arm. Doing triceps curls using the best technique is important, as failure to do so would result in complete muscle failure.

Biceps curls: The biceps are another triceps muscle group, and like the triceps, are also quite neglected when it comes to muscle building. The major difference between the two is that the biceps have a larger tendon, which enables them to withstand much greater tension and stress. You can’t neglect the biceps either, as they are also responsible for providing power to your arm. Like triceps, the best exercises for biceps would be the ones that focus mainly on the bicep. Bicep exercises should not be neglected as well, and you can perform push ups, pull ups, dips, and chin ups with great effect.

preacher curls: Like biceps, the triceps are also made up of three heads, namely the medial, lateral, and long heads. The triceps are responsible for the bulk of the arm, and therefore these exercises like preacher curls, are extremely important. Doing preacher curls requires both strength and attention to detail. You need to ensure that you are doing the curls correctly, and that your grip is spot on. Failure to do so will result in an untimely failure.

Other triceps exercises include those that focus on the lateral and long heads. Lateral triceps exercises can be done by interlocking the fingers, while long triceps exercises must be done in a straight motion. Exercises like chin ups, barbell raises, and dumbbell extensions all help build strong triceps muscles. You should also perform sets of preacher curls.

Latissimus dorsi: The triceps muscles are also known as the lats, and they form the outward curve of the arms. The muscle helps support your shoulder, and give it a broad, ‘V’ shaped appearance. You can strengthen the latissimus dorsi through exercises like standing bar curls, seated rows, and dumbbell rows. You can also train the triceps directly through overhead triceps extension.

Curly triceps: The triceps are characterized by a straight, V-shaped bend at the elbow. This is one of the hardest triceps muscles to develop. Good exercises to strengthen the triceps include bent over rows, dumbbell curls, and overhead extensions. The triceps can also be trained directly through constant repetition curls and extensions.

Arms may seem tough, but they are in fact made up of many smaller muscles. They connect together to form the muscle group known as the triceps. The muscle groups, when trained properly, will increase in size and strength. The triceps are also responsible for providing power for a punch. So train them! Start a training routine today and start gaining the power and impressive physique that you’ve always wanted.

Squats: This exercise targets the entire leg. It’s important to keep in mind that everyone’s body will respond differently to exercises, so don’t get discouraged if your first few workouts show little improvement. Continue to add weight as you feel stronger. To target the triceps, make sure to do squats using proper form. Don’t let the weight pull at your neck or shoulders as this can cause serious injury. Always keep your back straight and look forward while squatting.

Other triceps exercises should also be a part of your workout routine. You should focus on exercises that strengthen the biceps and forearms as these are the main components of the triceps. There are several exercises designed specifically for the arm. These include lateral raises and extensions which are great for building muscle mass in the triceps area. You can also try cable hand curls, wrist curls, tricep kickbacks, and triceps dips.

End Note

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Do all of these triceps exercises every other day. Three times per week is a good number. The training will be effective in building muscle mass, improving strength, and sculpting the arm. Make sure to have a rest day in between each of these workouts to allow the triceps muscles to fully heal. It’s also important to continue to build up your endurance levels so you’ll be ready for more strenuous workouts when you’re not exercising.

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