Healthy Nails Tips For The Perfect Shiny And Strong Nails

healthy nails tips

Maintaining healthy nails that look fashionable and fresh isn’t much of a difficult job, you know? All you need to do is take care of them and invest some time after them on a regular basis. That’s it! Neither will you have to spend hundreds of dollars at the salon nor will you have to sit through those boring manicure sessions with an even boring magazine. So, if you are more of a do it yourself person, or may be not, if you are really excited to have healthy nails, here are a few healthy nails tips that we know for sure would work wonders for you! Wait no more and read along!

Enjoy A Pretty Nail Polish

nail polish

Wearing all those pretty nail paints isn’t going to harm your nails, no! So, it is high time to get rid of these superstitions and flaunt all those pretty colors. Blue, pink, neon, black, grey, yellow – wear anything and everything you like without worrying even an inch about the nail paints harming your nails in any way. 

Moisturize The Cuticles

In order to get healthy, shiny and strong nails, you also need to take care of your cuticles. Don’t push back your cuticles, do not absolutely trim then and moisturize them regularly. That is surely the best way to have healthy cuticles and also healthy nails. Cuticles protect your nails which is why it is utterly important to take good care of them. If you manicure person does any of the ‘don’ts’ mentioned above, make sure to ask her not to.

Keep Your Nails Trimmed

Although women nowadays like to keep long nails, whether grown by themselves or extensions, it is absolutely unhealthy in every way. They not only provide an amazing shelter for germs, they are also a great way to injure yourself. So, if you don’t plan on any of the above, it is best to keep your nails, short, trimmed and properly maintained.

Clean Your Nails With A Brush

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While many manicure specialists clean the nails with a pointed object, that is not at all advisable. Doing so can not only end up in cuts and bruises but can also be the root of multiple infections. So always clean your nails with a brush. The best thing you can do is keep a brush ready in your bathroom so every time you bathe, you can clean your nails yourself.

Always Wear Dish Gloves

Too much cleaning, scrubbing and soap water can do a lot of damage to your nails. So whenever you are cleaning the house or doing the dishes, make sure that you have your dish gloves on. You can see a visible difference in the texture of your nails within just a few days itself!

Wrapping Up

Last but not the least, minimize your manicures. You will save a lot of money and will also give your nails a much needed break! 

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