Healthy Lungs Exercise – Healthy Breathing With Your Pumps

healthy lungs exercise

Lung exercises are done by you first. This means that you will have to bend over and then slowly stand up with your hands at your sides. This is a good exercise to get your whole body warmed up and your lungs used to the exercise.

Best Ways To Do Lung Exercise

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If you cannot bend over and sit up straight, you will want to do lung exercises that you can do from the floor. A good way to do this is by lying on the floor and lifting your knees to the chest and then back down to the ground.

Doing lung exercises in this manner is called “motor lunges” and will help you to strengthen your legs, abs, arms, and back. You will also be doing some good cardiovascular activity which will benefit you in many ways.

To build a strong and healthy lungs, you also need to start with some strength training. This will take care of your body as a whole and strengthen the major muscle groups. You should try to do this on a daily basis, even if it is just a few minutes at the beginning.

Work Your Way To Couple Of Sets

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You will need to work your way up to a couple of sets of exercises, depending on how much weight you are lifting. The exercises that you are doing for your lungs should be light and short, but not so light as to become exhausting. You do not want to do too many sets, or the weight will not last long.

After you have done a few sets of these exercises, you can now start to work on strengthening the major muscle groups that support your lungs. For example, if you have not worked on your lower back and abdomen before, you may want to start working on your abs.

Working on your whole body is the only way to have a healthy lungs. Make sure that you get all of your muscles in shape before you work on your lungs.

Pay Attention To Breathing

When you are doing lung exercises, make sure that you pay attention to the breathing. Keep the inhalation and exhalation times short and your mouth closed when breathing. This is very important because this is the way that your body uses the air that it gets.

As you get stronger and better at these exercises, you can even work out your lungs at home. There are many things that you can do at home to get your lungs used to the exercise. You can practice on an exercise ball, you can work with an old broomstick, or you can use the stairs at home.

Summing Up

Just make sure that you do not overwork yourself or do too many workouts at home. Just a few short exercises every week is usually all that is needed for a healthy lungs.

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