Healthy Exercises To Keep Your Body Going

healthy exercise

The gym atmosphere might be frightening and stressful if you’re not an athlete or serious exerciser who just wants to work out for health or to fit into your clothes better. You might have thoughts in your mind like- ‘Which exercises are the most beneficial to me? How am I going to find the time?’

Simply walking past treadmills, stationary cycles, and weight machines can make you want to return home and collapse on the couch. However, some of the healthiest physical activities for your body don’t include going to the gym or getting in shape to run a marathon. These “workouts” can be pretty beneficial to your health. They’ll assist you in maintaining a healthy weight, improving your balance and range of motion, strengthening your bones, protecting your joints, and preventing bladder problems as well. 


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Swimming is often said to as the best workout. Swimming can improve your mental state so that you can concentrate more in studies. Another alternative is water aerobics. These classes can help you lose weight and tone up.

Tai Chi 

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Tai chi is a Chinese martial art that people of all ages should practice. This martial art, which encompasses both movement and relaxation, is advantageous to the body and the soul. The experts even term it as “meditation in action.” Tai chi comprises a series of beautiful movements that flow seamlessly into one another. Tai chi is suitable for people of every age group because classes are offered at various levels.

Strengthening Exercises

Think twice if you feel like strength training is a masculine sport. Lifting low weights will help maintain your muscles and make them strong rather than bulking them up. Strength training, like any other form of exercise, may aid in the preservation of brain function as we age.

Before beginning a proper weight-lifting regimen:

  1. Make sure you understand good form.
  2. Begin with a lightweight of a couple of pounds.
  3. Increase it by a pound or two after a couple of weeks.
  4. Move up to a slightly heavier weight if you can effortlessly lift the weights through the whole range of motion more than 12 times.

Exercising Your Kegels

These workouts won’t make you look better, but they will strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that support the bladder, which is just as vital. Incontinence can be avoided by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. While Kegels are most commonly associated with women, they can also be beneficial to men. To properly perform a Kegel exercise, squeeze the muscles that would usually be used to prevent you from passing pee or gas. Hold for two or three seconds before releasing the contraction. After the contraction, make sure your pelvic floor muscles are completely relaxed. Repeat for 10 times more. Attempt to complete four to five sets per day.

Bottom Note

Every individual should do some sort of exercise daily- and here are some of the basic ones that you could try. Start slow, and then you can push your limits. 

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