All You Need To Know About Healthy Habits Key To Wellness

healthy habits key to wellness

Healthy habits key to wellness says,” If you still believe guaranteed weight loss doesn’t exist, then you have not yet been to Healthy habits Key to Wellness.” It is a medical group or a medical weight loss clinic with a single branch situated in Algonquin, Illinois. This organization has only one medical office in practice run by two health care providers who are specialized in nurse practitioner and internal medicine. 

Healthy habits key to wellness covers the following medical taxonomies

  • Primary care
  • General practice
  • Internal Medicine
  • Family
  • Public Health Medicine

Programs By Healthy Habits Key To Wellness

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The main programs that Healthy Habits Key To Wellness runs are listed below. Know more.

Belly Fat Trimmer

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The belly fat trimmer by Healthy Habits Key To Wellness is a nonsurgical revolutionary procedure that melts the extra fat off your waist without drugs, exercise, diet, or surgery. The process takes place through the use of a patented, special red light therapy. 

The Mom Makeover

The mom makeover consists of a set of treatments for the fat and skin issues that occur during or due to pregnancy. With the help of this treatment, you can get straight back to your pre-pregnancy shape at ease.

The Wedding Saver

This program directly helps you to fit into your desired beautiful wedding dress. You can do it without hoping that the exercise and diet regimen is finally going to kick in.

Most Popular Packages By Healthy Habits Key To Wellness

  1. Guaranteed fat loss of 2 inches around the waist.
  2. All-inclusive transformation package for six months.

Providers Of Healthy Habits Key To Wellness

There are the top two providers in this medical group with different specializations. You can learn more about them in the given details.

Karin Boode

This lady holds a Ph.D. in food science. The main focus of Karin Boode is a medically well-managed weight loss program that patients have reviewed as the most effective program since its inception in early 2011. The program designed by her teaches how you can lose weight without counting points or calories, without being hungry, without cutting out food groups, without giving up your favorite foods, and also without being forced to buy supplements and special food. Most insurance also covers this lifestyle modification program if the BMI of the patient is greater than 30, which means the patient is obese. This program works great for those patients having a chronic illness and the ones who would like to prevent chronic illness. 

Barbara Amslers Retirement

Dr. Barbara Amlser, who was an M.D., was a great part of Healthy Habits Key To Wellness, but now she has retired from internal medicine. Another M.D., Dr. Farzana Husain, has taken over her internal medicine part in the medical group now. She likes to see her patients in her office. The name of the program’s practice has now changed to Talaga Internal Medicine, but the phone number and location have not changed.


Healthy Habits Key To Wellness, a medical group with only one practice office, believes in weight loss programs different from traditional programs. The expertise of providers and experienced employees of the medical group is passionate about serving their patients with the best service.

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