A Look At Preschool Lesson Plans And Teaching Healthy Habits

healthy habits preschool lesson plans

And, it is no wonder that this plan has become so successful. The fact is, all of us need to begin at a very young age to establish good health habits. If you are having trouble getting your youngster engaged in healthy habits, you may want to try a few preschool lesson plans designed to assist you in this goal.

Why teach healthy habits in the preschool classroom? This is a question that parents like you ask themselves. After all, we all know that children learn from sight and seeing their parents exercising and eating properly will reinforce these healthy habits for them. Thus, if you want your youngster to engage in these good habits, the first step is to ensure that they see you performing these healthy habits regularly. This is where preschool lesson plans can be so helpful.


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There are many ways to incorporate healthy habits into the classroom. When planning your preschool lesson plans, you might want to consider using storybooks. Not only will this give your youngsters a visual example of what you are advocating, it will also provide them with something to imitate. You could even have one of the preschool lesson plans focus on fruits. How?

If your children have regular meal times, they are more likely to eat a healthy meal. They enjoy what they are eating and are less likely to snack throughout the day. This will help them maintain a balanced body weight. As an added benefit, you may even find that they develop better eating habits because they enjoy the taste of healthy foods.


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Another way to integrate healthy habits into preschool lesson plans is through recess. recesses should be used for learning new things. The days that most children have recesses in their schedules are not always included in typical school schedules. If your child does not have regular breaks, count ahead one day so that you can plan in advance what you need to accomplish during the break. This will allow you to take some extra time to learn something new and test your skills. This could also motivate you to buy a new toy or activity that you would otherwise purchase later in the day.

Another way to incorporate healthy habits into preschool lesson plans is through discussion. At first, it may seem like a simple concept, but it can get a little tricky. Do not assume that all of your children will participate in the discussions that you have planned. In fact, some kids may not be eager to talk about their toys or activities. You can give out prizes and points or ask them to describe their observations of a certain part of the day’s events.

Food From The Table

It is very important that children do not bring home food from the table, unless it is something that they have been asked to. You should not participate in their games either, unless you know that they are going to put the food on the table. Healthy eating is part of the responsibility of being a preschool teacher. 

Your role is more centered around teaching and helping your preschoolers grow and develop healthy habits. With proper preschool lesson plans, you can help your child develop healthy habits as well as socialize properly with other children.


Of course, you cannot just prepare for these activities once your child starts attending preschool. There are many more that you need to learn how to do. The best way to do this is through continued awareness of your own behavior, as well as that of your preschooler, and by providing ongoing support for their personal development. If you keep track of your child’s progress at home as well as their progress in the classroom, you can easily notice when there are problems and correct them before they become serious issues. By learning how to create successful and healthy habits at home, you can teach the same habits to your preschoolers at school.

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